42 Kilometers at 40 degrees

42 kilometers at 40 degrees

The photo shows markus sube’s face after just three kilometers of the marathon on boa vista. The floe runs in streams. The run is a torture, and not only because of the high temperatures of up to 40 degrees celsius. Sube has nevertheless made it 13 this year. For the first time. What moves him: he runs to collect donations for children suffering from fanconi anemia.

Together with a group of other runners, markus sube flew to the capeverdean islands this year. This time there are also two women, kathrin and catharin. You are not only on boa vista for the first time. It’s their very first marathon ever. They will later say that they imagined the run completely differently. And you will be surprised that markus sube feels the same way, because: "it’s different every time," explains markus sube, he says after this participation. It is number 13 for him.

Everything already done

"The ground was much softer than usual on many sections this year. It is much more exhausting", reports markus sube. "The course on the beach was very firm, which is usually soft." The lautertaler knows the run over all distances. He has run the 150 kilometer ultramarathon, the 75 kilometer salt marathon, and the 42 kilometer race that he ran this year. Not so long ago, friends didn’t think it was possible that he would be running again at the age of over 50. After knee operations, the enthusiastic ultra runner had to give up his passion. "I rode a lot with the E-bike. I was able to build up the muscles in my knees again", markus sube explains why he is now back on the course after all.

Julian, who has also participated several times, has set his sights on the 75 kilometers this year. He sets his own pace. The rest of the seven-headed force from germany will stay together for now. "We didn’t want to leave the two girls alone, because they were there for the first time," says markus sube, says markus sube. After the wusten section, the manner nevertheless picks up its pace. "At some point you just have to run your pace, otherwise you can’t do it anymore", explains markus sube. When they reach the beach on the five-kilometer stretch, they no longer see the two women behind them. But apparently they underestimated their ambition after all. Because: "in the end, they made up ground and crossed the finish line barely ten minutes after us", he is pleased with the performance of his teammates.

Anniversary run

Next year, the run on boa vista will take place for the 20th time. Times instead of. Markus sube can’t miss an anniversary like this one. So it will be back on the starting grid in 2020 – and will be happy to see a good group from germany arrive. Anyone who wants to join in can contact markus sube on facebook or instagram.

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