A hungry hunter with stamina and eye

A hungry hunter with stamina and eye

Preparing for the second season in the single-division 2 league. Handball-bundesliga runs with the HC erlangen for weeks at full speed and coach frank bergemann expects an extraordinarily exciting season. "Highly ambitious newcomers have entered the league, the relegated teams are all in a good position, and some other teams have strengthened themselves with top-class players." That's why bergemann hopes that his troupe will "get rolling" as soon as possible comes, collects points early and so continues to assert itself in the league.
"In the last season, we were sometimes underestimated and made capital out of it, but we also had problems when we ourselves were in the favorite role", the coach remembers. This year the signs are different, the team has to find itself anew. Also because with georg munch, who is now turning his back on competitive sports for the time being due to his studies in dentistry, a real leading player is missing.

Giving a sign to the next generation

This gap must now be filled by others – such as newcomer rasmus hansen, who joined the bergemanners from the danish first division as a circuit player. But the HC erlangen also builds on the youth. "Young talent work is the major capital of our club", female coach. And when you have a junior team in the A-jugend-bundesliga at the start, it can't be the goal to fill the first team only with ready-made players from outside. "We want to show our talents that it is possible to make the jump to the second division team at HC erlangen," says bergemann, chairman of the supervisory board carsten bissel also stresses.
This jump is very difficult, also because the HCE relies on a dual system in which not only the handball skills are sharpened, but also the professional training is advanced. "For this, you need ambitious athletes who are willing to make great sacrifices for handball. For example, we train all summer long, so we can't even think about a vacation, continues bergemann. I have the utmost respect for people who are already willing to put in so much effort besides school, studies or work. "But as a club, we also have a responsibility to the players to ensure that other vital areas do not suffer as a result of the sport."
That's why the HCE started the "young eagles" project created a kind of challenge for the elite of the handball youth, who could make the step into the first team. "We deliberately chose the association with the eagle when naming the team. He is a hungry youngster with stamina and eye – attributes that the handball players must also have if they want to make it, emphasizes bergemann.

Intensive all-round support

There are currently seven athletes in this program, with frank bergemann deciding who is accepted on the basis of their athletic performance. In the medium term, the coach would like to see around ten talented players between the ages of 17 and 20 under the wing of the "young eagles" continue to mature for about two years.
It's all about balanced, individual training, especially because young players can fall into a performance slump at the start of the season after hard, intensive preparation. But also padagogues are in action to support the young players especially prophylactically in school and study and even in the accommodation for his young athletes HC erlangen appears in appearance. "Due to the tight housing situation in the university town, we have rented a large, centrally located apartment that will serve as a handballers' shared apartment", carsten elaborates a bit.
Lukas bohm gets a place in this residential community. The 18-year-old comes from hemau near regensburg and is currently still playing in the HCE's A-youth team. But he already trained with the men's team last year and even took the trouble of traveling two hours by train four or five times a week to attend all the sessions. "On the way home, which lasted until after midnight, I studied for school", tells the left-hander, who is now moving to erlangen for studies and handball.

Leader in the bavarian league

Bohm has already shown in a few games that he can strengthen the HCE as a right wing or on the half-right. He is one of the first three "young eagles", for whom the enormous effort they have made is now paying off. HC erlangen has provided the young handball players with player contracts.
Alongside bohm, thomas haluta has earned this reward. The 20-year-old left-hander has been in the men's training program for two years "and has knocked on the door again and again," says the left-hander, says trainer bergemann and highlights the zeal and development of "halodri" out – as the 20-year-old is called by his teammates. The third member of the team is matthias grunert: the 19-year-old from hebdorf started playing handball at the hsg erlangen/niederlindach before joining the hce. As a gyrocopter, he took rough steps forward and "was not deterred even by injuries", says bergemann.
But the coach also stresses that the three young eagles will primarily establish themselves as leaders in the bavarian league team, but will be available for the second division team at fub and will always get some action time there. A player's contract alone is no guarantee that a career will work out, and that's why the talented players must continue to concentrate on two things in order to reconcile handball and education as best as possible. "Each of our players must think about the time after the handball, because we pay well, but not so much that one was provided for", brings it carsten bissel on the point.

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