Amateur artist infected by the crib virus

Although the crib exhibition initiated by the brothers michael and jochen vogler in nurn already took place for the 15th time this year, it was still a success. The event, which took place for the first time, was met with unprecedented interest this time. This was evident, among other things, from the fact that on sunday there was no longer any parking space at the multipurpose building and in the wider area. Another record was that no less than 72 christmas cribs could be admired in the most diverse coarseness and variations. A third event was the revival of a nativity scene in the church congregation that had previously remained hidden.

This crib was also from the ausmab probably the roughest exhibit. During the year this missing crib was the topic of conversation in the vogler family home. Their research revealed that the nativity scene, which until 1954 had been placed in the old church in the center of the town, had been placed in the attic of the current church.-michaels church was located. It must have been taken there about 25 years ago, after the local chaplain at the time, johannes seifert, had purchased a new crib. Now the forgotten crib was discovered completely dusty. The vogler brothers painstakingly cleaned the museum's furniture as well as the numerous figures still present, so that it could now be presented in a new splendor. Kunftig this about 70 to 80 years old crib should not disappear, but find a new home in the tower chapel of the house of god.

When the gates of this year's exhibition had been opened, manfred vogler performed the burial on behalf of the exhibitors. He expressed his pleasure that the number of exhibitors, especially from outside the town, had again increased. It seems that a call to interested people to participate in advance has fallen on open ears. The tinkerers and recreational artists proved that they can use their free time in a meaningful way. At the same time, the works created were a great enrichment of the exhibition, bring joy to the viewers and get in the mood for the christmas season. Jochen vogler said that the 15. Exhibition shows how quickly the time has gone by. At the time, he himself thought that the nativity scenes had gone out of fashion. But the exhibition in nurn proved the opposite, he said. Year after year they attract more and more visitors in the spell. After 15 years, he, jochen vogler, does not want to be so present in the front line anymore, because the exhibition is now on firm ground.

Mayor gerhard wunder praised the exhibitors, who once again did an amazing job and created a lot of variety with a lot of imagination. The works were seen to have been created from the heart and to stimulate thought. With the exhibition at the same time in nurn a piece of quality of life has been created.

Among the visitors was also pastor richard reis, whom jochen vogler thanked, because through his help the forgotten nativity scene can be shown.

During a tour, it could be noted that each of the 72 nativity scenes was a gem of advent and christmas art in itself. The ingenuity was widely fanned. Mostly it was natural materials, such as local wood, moss, straw or roots that characterized the style of the cribs. Various figures were used to show a lively activity in front of the manger. Again and again, it was the details that made the works so endearing to the viewer.
The crib exhibition was also connected with a kind of christmas market, which invited to discover and purchase gift ideas and handicraft products.

The crib exhibitors were not only from nurn, but also from effelter, lahm, nordhalben, reichenbach, schmolz, steinberg, steinwiesen and wallenfels. Ludwig hummel from lahm, who was in nurn for the tenth time, was one of these people. However, he could not be present because of a short-term hospital stay. 

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