Bad kissingen: dogs and the saale beach

Helmut richter is furious. The 67-year-old regularly visited with his grandchildren a saalestuck in luitpoldpark near the tennis courts. A place where children can splash with their family, play in the sand or just relax. But the idyll will be shattered. Ruthless dog owners drive away rude parents, parents and children again and again.

"They let their dogs run free – even though the animals are supposed to be on a leash in the park," says diana, says richter. The kids don’t like it. "My eleven year old granddaughter does not dare to go there anymore." The fear is not unfounded. "The other day there were women with three rough dogs at the water – none of the dogs was leashed." The animals had not only barked at the bathers, but had also bitten each other.

Reckless dog owners in bad kissingen

Judge intervened. "I have politely asked that you leash your dogs and go to another place.", says the 67-year-old. There were numerous children and senior citizens on the spot. The reaction of the dog owners to his request shocked him. "They did not take into consideration. Instead they have become angry." Richter remembers one sentence: "the dogs had their freedom, too, they said."

Two dog owners from the kissinger area behave differently on the saale shore. Moni and diana are oftenters with their dogs – the appenzeller sam and the mongrel magalie – at the saaleufer. They always carried a leash and dog waste bags in their backpacks. "We always stay at some distance from the rest of the people", says diana. The beach is off-limits to both of them because of the children. Your two dogs listen: sam and magalie don’t bark, don’t chase ducks, but lie quietly in the grass. "The problem is not those who have their dogs under control, but those who do not have them under control", says diana.

Unhygienic conditions

Judge says unruly dog owners not an isolated case. "I have been observing this for over a year: it is always the same." But not only the barking and running without leash disturbs him. "It’s also about the dogs doing their business in the sand where the kids play." Judge therefore even informed the public order office. However, the hearing was unsuccessful.

The city of bad kissingen is not responsible for the site. "The area around the maander is a flat of the free state of bavaria. The state baths gmbh" is the state owner, thomas hack, responsible for press and public relations at the city of bad kissingen, informs us. Relevant city bylaws – such as those concerning compulsory linen – were not enforced in the area. "These are not public areas in the sense of the statutes", informs hack.

There was no information on the subject from staatsbad gmbh by the time this report went to press. Clarity is provided by jochen hartmann, deputy head of the service group of the kissingen police: "the staatsbad gmbh has park regulations for the luitpold park." The special: "however, this is not bubgeldbewehrt." Hartmann explains the word with a practical example: "if an owner lets his dog run free there, there is only a warning for the owner, but no penalty."

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