Bad rodach: reconstruction in the therme natur still this year finished

Finding peace and relaxation in the therme natur? Sure, no problem. The situation is somewhat different for the craftsmen, who currently still have a lot to do when they come to bad rodach to work diligently on the renovation of the sauna landscape. After the creation of an additional flat area with deckchairs (with a wonderful view of the georgenberg), the conversion of a therapy pool will soon be completed. At the moment in the empty pool is still a huge gerustkonstruktion. Construction site pure – but an end is in sight. "It will definitely be finished this year", says lutz lange from the operating company during a tour with our site.

The therapy pool remains – albeit in a different function. But around it everything will be different. And above all gentler and more homelike. A lot of birch trees will dominate the picture. The custom-made products from the hofmann company in bad rodach are draped around the future relaxation pool. There will be a small "treetop trail" between the birch trees give. Numerous comfortable seating and lounging areas will also be integrated.

Lutz lange is particularly looking forward to "taking the high out of the room" and a "comfortable ambience is created. For example, a fireplace corner is also planned. Through coarse windows the green nature is almost within reach.

And something else is pleasing: the original budget of 450,000 euros will be adhered to.

When you see all the new features for the sauna guest, a non-sauna guest could become jealous. But: there is also another interesting innovation to report for the remaining area of the spa. Since a few weeks it is warmer! "We have raised both the water and air temperatures by one degree celsius each", explains managing director stine michel. Only the active pool, in which guests like to swim a few laps, has remained unchanged at 27 degrees. The water in the round and brine pools, on the other hand, is now 34 and 35 degrees warm, respectively. The first reactions of the guests to this temperature change were very positive. Especially since, thanks to a technical overhaul, temperature fluctuations can now be eliminated.

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