Benefit concert for kaya in herzogenaurach

Especially in the pre-christmas season, concepts such as faith and love of neighbor often move to the foreground. In keeping with the occasion, the city of herzogenaurach and the cultural office had organized a concert at the st. Magdalena organizes a benefit concert for the partner city of kaya in burkina faso.

With chorales from the christmas oratorio by johann sebastian bach, the philharmonic choir herzogenaurach, conducted by ronald scheuer, set the mood for the evening with a carpet of sound that was at first very gentle, then again powerful. The composition of the program was very successful and not only the choir and the soloists contributed to the special listening pleasure, but also the atmosphere and the acoustics of the city parish church.

Not without reason the philharmonic choir calls itself "the voice of your city. The astonishingly finely tuned structure of the chorus's insertion, accentuation and decay was not only clearly audible, but also visible. The cooperation of the choir and soloists enriched the evening, especially because the organ, violin, viola and accordion added a special color to the concert.

Cornelia gotz (soprano) and ronald scheuer on the organ not only attracted attention during "et incarnatus est" from the c minor mass by J. S. Creek, but at the "ave maria by wolfgang amadeus mozart for goose bumps. This not only left the audience speechless, but also thrilled a listener who herself has been active in church music for decades. "Crude, yes, just crude", was her comment. Even with the pieces from "willkommen lieber brutigam" ("welcome, dear bridegroom") by vincent lubeck of the choir and the soprano cornelia gotz the harmony between choir, organ and the soprano was clearly traceable.

Gabriele haberberger is a regular guest at many concerts and it is impossible to imagine life without her querflote. The sonata for transverse flute and basso continuo by jean-marie leclair was perfectly matched and one of the high points of the concert.

Part stormy applause
Whether as a duo or as a soloist, birka muller (violin) and michael falter (viola and accordion) love to play the "allegro" from sonata II by johann sebastian bach, as well as the traditional "russian way". Both received rapturous applause during the march from the "nutcracker suite.

Rebekka freund also contributed to the success of the evening with a reading. So a little star wanted to bring its light to earth and saw only hustle and bustle, stressed people, consumption and dissatisfied people. In the end, the little star found a miserly, old, sick and dissatisfied man. The old man promised to change his life and give up his avarice when he gets well again.

The concert also included traditional christmas carols, before jean-desire sawadogo brought the concert to a close with his djemba. The pastor proved that he not only has an excellent command of the djemba, but can also perfectly render christmas carols in french. "Now it's going to get a little loud, but it sounds quite good here in the church", explained the clergyman with a smile. It got loud, and that the audience liked it was evident from the bravos and rapturous applause at the end of the concert.

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