Primary election in the U.S. State of wisconsin

Primary election in the u.s. state of wisconsin

Despite the corona epidemic in the u.S., voters in the state of wisconsin cast ballots tuesday to determine who should run for democrat against president donald trump.

However, the two candidates, moderate ex-vice president joe biden and left-wing senator bernie sanders, had declined to go through with the election because of the health risk. Governor tony evers had ordered a last-minute postponement of the vote on monday, but a court reversed his order.

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15 Pieces of clothing for one euro

Michaela koppel does not have much money at her disposal. She can no longer do her job for health reasons, so she has been dependent on hartz IV for two years. Since that time she regularly comes to kulmbach to rummage in the clothes closets here. Today she is at the BRK-sozialladen in fischergasse.

Also washing on offer

"I’m not looking for anything special today, just looking at what’s available and what I like", she says and looks through the clothes in the BRK social store. "That’s not what I like so much. But that doesn’t matter", says koppel and goes to the underwear department: lace bras, underpants with fine lace, unusual underwear, but also everyday underwear is available in the BRK store. The munchbergerin finds nothing in it, also such things used to buy.

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