Only low yield with photovoltaics for private buildings

Around 50 people recently gathered in the ten barn in schlusselfeld to listen to simon heim’s product-neutral presentation on the current situation of photovoltaic electricity. Heim is an engineer at the east bavarian technical university of amberg-weiden.

His work at the institute for energy technology includes, among other things, the development of energy concepts for the public sector.

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The rodenbad is being spruced up

the rodenbad is being spruced up

Where normally swimmers swim their laps or children splash in the water, there are currently only empty pools, and in them manner with rubber boots, to see.

One of them is swimming master denis latyshev, strong stature, friendly and above all hardworking. Let's get one thing straight: nothing bad happened here. But once a year, in the first two weeks of september, the rodenbad is closed.

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