Cdu state parliament vice president does not exclude csu foundation

Cdu state parliament vice president does not exclude csu foundation

In a telephone conversation with CDU secretary general annegret kramp-karrenbauer, he told her where he saw himself in the event of a rift between the CDU and CSU, the lower saxony state politician told the deutsche presse agency. "When it comes to separation, talk to one of the first CSU members in lower saxony."The "braunschweiger zeitung" had previously reported on the cleanup of oesterhelweg.

Within the lower saxony CDU, there is a growing number of members who are turning their heads over the actions of chancellor angela merkel on the refugee issue, said oesterhelweg, who is head of the CDU state association in brunswick. "At some point, you have to say: this won’t work with a european solution, we have to take the initiative as a country ourselves."

In this matter, he is more on the side of federal minister of the interior horst seehofer (CSU), but he does not like his style. "I am a convinced member of the union," emphasized the 56-year-old politician. Since the strong influx of refugees in 2015, he is also a demand member of the CSU.

Merkel wants to reach a european solution on the issue of refoulement of certain refugees at the german border at the EU summit on thursday and friday. The CSU continues to insist on pushing through a national solution in the absence of an agreement.

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