Children’s accident assistance” campaign names hans wormser “honorary knight

Children's accident assistance' campaign names hans wormser 'honorary knight

Hans wormser from herzogenaurach has been involved in the "kinder-unfallhilfe" campaign for over 20 years. For his extraordinary commitment to the smallest road users, the transport entrepreneur has now been awarded the "knight of honor" the initiative was awarded, according to a press release.

When the children’s accident relief organization "aktion kinder-unfallhilfe" was founded in 1998, hans wormser, who for 47 years headed the first french silo transport company konrad wormser (now hans worm-ser AG), was immediately on board. Since then, he has been one of the most loyal supporters of the initiative, which supports young accident victims and the protection of children in traffic. The initiative has now thanked him for this by appointing him an "honorary knight 2019", the message continues.

Because in order to be able to work successfully, the non-profit association needs above all people who are committed to the good cause on a voluntary basis. Since 2012, "aktion kinder-unfallhilfe" has awarded the title of "honorary knight" to individuals, companies and institutions who are particularly active in helping to protect children in road traffic.

Giving up gifts

"To help children after a traffic accident and, just as importantly, to ensure that fewer young road users are involved in accidents, we need a lot of helping hands", adalbert wandt, chairman of the initiative, emphasized at the award ceremony of the "honorary knight on the "verkehrsrundschau-gala 2019 in munich. "We are very happy that we can count on such reliable and long-standing supporters as hans wormser.", according to wandt.

The 70-year-old has been a firm supporter of the "kinder-unfallhilfe" campaign ever since the association was founded. He also promotes the club’s work at every opportunity, organizes numerous fundraising activities, and has volunteered for the "kinder-unfallhilfe" (children’s accident aid) campaign even waived birthday gifts.

Over the years, numerous donations have been made to the initiative, not only by hans wormser himself, but also in his name – in total, an impressive five-figure sum, which has been used to fund important prevention and aid projects.

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