Collective agreement for the reorganization of nurnberg airport

Collective agreement for the reorganization of nurnberg airport

This was announced by airport spokesman reto manitz on monday evening. To this end, pay retroactively to 1. The company will receive a 3 percent pay cut on march of this year, and the agreed one-time payment of 200 euros will not be paid out. In addition, performance-related pay will be suspended this year and next year. This makes a total of 5.5 percent waiver in the agreement, which expires on 28 february 2014. February 2014 current restructuring agreement expires.

After a miserable business year in 2011, nurnberg airport expects a further decline in revenue and heavy losses in the millions in 2012. The deficit will amount to six to seven million euros, managing director harry marx had recently predicted.

"We have thus taken an important step for the future of airport nurnberg", managing director karl-heinz kruger announced the agreement of the wage commission this evening. The temporary savings in personnel costs are an important part of the consolidation program, which should bring the airport out of the red by 2016/17. In return, the government guarantees job preservation and renounces redundancies.

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