Commentary on the corona crisis: remain decent!

Commentary on the corona crisis: Remain decent!

I am not afraid of the coronavirus. Of course I know my risk. I come into contact with a lot of people on a daily basis and, because of my age, I’m one of the most vulnerable people.

But I (still) trust those who are responsible for crisis management, and I (still) rely on the common sense of my fellow human beings, who take the current safety measures for what they are: not panic, but an attempt to avoid an explosion of new cases with the aim of not overburdening hospitals or doctors’ offices.

I am worried about other things. No sooner was the word "corona" coined than the word "corona" was uttered in the world, unpleasant things were happening. The fact that people suddenly hoarded noodles, toilet paper and canned mushrooms may be understandable. Even though I still don’t understand why a large supply of toilet paper should help to solve the crisis. The fact that bottles of hand disinfectant were stolen from a nursing home in the region, along with the dispensers, made me more concerned. How selfish must someone be to help themselves at the expense of particularly dangerous people??

The fact that it is now being reported that clinics currently have to pay 25 times the normal price for protective suits appalls me. That is immoral. Usury at the expense of sick people and those who care for them, and not worthy of a humane society!

The corona crisis is still in its infancy. The high point has not yet been reached – and I fear that we will still experience a lot of unschones. It would be important right now to show solidarity, to accept disadvantages and to put everyone’s health above one’s own needs.

Genuine humanity is not only shown by giving "bread for the world" at christmas donate, send unicef greeting cards and fill the bell bag during christmas mass. Real humanity shows itself now: through decent, solidary behavior in a difficult time for all of us.

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