Corona rules even on four wheels: what motorists must observe

Corona rules even on four wheels: what motorists must observe

With the second lockdown, new mabtests were introduced to break the corona infection chains. These include, among other things, the minimization of contacts in the private and public spheres. But to what extent do these rules apply when driving a car?? 1. Contact restrictions as a matter of principle, only meetings with members of one’s own and another household are currently permitted. This rule also applies to driving. Nevertheless, the ADAC nordbayern recommends that car trips with people from outside the household should be avoided if possible. This is mainly due to the fact that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters in the car can often not be maintained. 2. Carpooling is still possible, but only subject to the above-mentioned restrictions. This means that a maximum of two different households are allowed to drive together in one car. According to the bavarian ministry of the interior, exceptions to this rule only apply to necessary professional activities in which the cooperation of several persons is absolutely necessary.

The passenger should sit on the right rear bench seat and all vehicle occupants should wear a mask and the interior of the vehicle should be ventilated more frequently. 3. Mask in the car wearing a mask in the car is not forbidden and is even recommended in the case of passengers from outside the household. However, those who wear mouth-nose protection while driving must ensure that their facial features remain recognizable.

In addition, it can happen that the glasses of spectacle wearers fog up in combination with the mask. Here it helps to put the mask as close to the nose as possible

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