Cucumbers, spices, yellow grapes

For the generation of our grandparents, it was a matter of course that the harvest from the garden was preserved for the cold season. Preserving and canning were the order of the day in summer and autumn. A community of six families in hannberg has been back to it for about 15 years and preserves cucumbers for consumption in the current year.

This action started rather small, with the cucumbers from the own garden. But very quickly the action took on more extensive forms, so that additional purchases had to be made. Rough value put the active on the fact that only components from the region are used.

In the morning against 6.15 o’clock drove a troop with the car to gerolzhofen, in order to buy in a horticulture enterprise 250 kilograms of cucumbers, around 8 o’clock were they again in hannberg arrived. To preserve 25 kilograms of onions and 25 kilograms of carrots, so "gelba ruum" needed.

The cucumbers are washed again in hannberg, the bleeding and the stalks are removed, then the "kummerlinge" quartered and then filled into the jars with the yellow grapes and onions. In addition, a mixture of spices, which is purchased from the company krauter-fuchs in rottenbach. The hannberger swore, there is nothing better in their opinion.

Vinegar from scheinfeld

Regional is also the brandy vinegar of georg heim in scheinfeld for the brew to boil down. From the vinegar with five percent acid 100 liters are needed, from which with a quantum of sugar and salt as well as water about 220 liters of brew are produced. A total of about. 700 to 750 glasses to be filled with it.

These screw-cut glasses are collected in the families all year round. However, the tightness of the lids decreases over time, so it is better to "go through" them after a few times to buy new lids to ensure the tightness. It would be a pity if the contents of the jar were spoiled.

The work processes are now well established – everything works, because everyone has their own area of responsibility for cleaning, filling and cooking. Angela windisch-essl writes down the ingredients in a book each year so that she can calculate the quantities needed for the following years.

From a smaller quantity the hannberger mix a spicy variant with chilli together. So that they cannot be confused with the sub-acid cucumbers, the screwed glaziers are closed with different colored lids, namely with red ones.

To speed up the process, five pots are used for boiling down. In it, the filled glaziers are heated to 80 degrees and then kept at this temperature for ten to twelve minutes.

After cooling, the jars will be distributed and stored in the families in a cool and dark place, so that homemade cucumbers can be served on the bread table all year round.

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