Demolition for the new kasendorf youth center

Demolition for the new kasendorf youth center

It is a listed building, but for a long time it was an eyesore in the center of town. The house at marketplace 2 in kasendorf, which is located next to the renovated town hall, was once a residential building but was also used as a blacksmith's store and a general store.

Now the property is flattened to rough parts. For a youth center to be created in the market village. Only rubble can be seen where a barn and annexes used to stand on the 600 square meter site. The buildings have been demolished since august.

Also from the upper floor of the main house, which was built around 1648, almost nothing is left. "The house is very dilapidated", says architect annette putz from hollfeld's schwarzmann office, who is in charge of the construction site. In close consultation with the state office for the preservation of historical monuments, efforts are being made to preserve as much as possible. But probably only little is worth preserving. The plank ceiling above the first floor, which dates back to the original period, will not be demolished.

Parking also for the diaconia

The first floor will house the youth club, which will be run by the christian association of young people – on 100 square meters of usable space. On the upper floor there will be rooms for the youth club, but also for the community in parts. According to burgermeister bernd steinhauser, there are plans to create archive rooms. Twelve parking spaces will be built where the annexes once stood. Six can be used by the diakonie, which will move into the opposite "black ross" which is being rebuilt.

The source of danger is removed

With the redesign of the present market place 2 also a source of danger is eliminated, which was located up to now at the narrow place in front of the house. The sidewalk that runs there will be moved behind the building, and the entrance to the youth center will be built on the side facing the town hall. 1.6 million euros will be spent on the project, 90 percent of which will be subsidized by the state of bavaria through the north-east bavarian "forderoffensive" program.

The young people will probably be able to move in in the spring of 2021 – and the anticipation is great, as YMCA chairman volkmar schulze reports. The youth center, which until now has been located in the "black ross and is now housed in a temporary solution in the rooms of the gas station, gets a permanent home. "This is really a great gift for us", explains schulze.

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