Dispute over pizza vending machines in kronach

dispute over pizza vending machines in kronach

"We tolerated a lot: the smell, the background noise – but you still have to be able to sleep.", says karin reibenweber, a resident in kaulangerstrabe. And harald beetz, owner of the kronach pizza service, shakes his head and says: "we try to keep the noise down, and it only makes things more difficult for us."

But from the very beginning: since may, there has been a vending machine in front of the kronach pizza service in kaulangerstrabe from which you can get a pizza at any time of the day or night. Beating car doors, hooting car radios, laughing and booing – that's what residents like karin reibenweber have been complaining about ever since. "In august, the mayor and representatives of the city administration approached me and asked me to look for a solution to the larvae complaints," says karin reibenweber, beetz remembers and adds: "we have found them too." He had asked his tenant in the neighboring house to move out in order to relocate the pizza and other vending machines to the interior.

The residents have suffered
Karin reibenweber can't imagine where this extension to the vending machine snack bar next door will lead. This situation called the women's list (FL) on the plan, which declared itself in a meeting in solidarity with karin reibenweber and the other concerned. "It's unbelievable what the residents have suffered", underlines FL-county councilwoman ingrid steinhauber. "Those who are prevented from sleeping until the wee hours of the morning by laughter and shouting, by the beating of car doors and loud music, are experiencing torture." All the pleas for understanding, the collection of signatures and their submission to the public order office had left the entrepreneur undeterred, steinhauber explains. Karin reibenweber is happy about the support of the women's list, but otherwise feels let down by the city and the politicians.

The building committee of the city of kronach unanimously approved harald beetz's building application. "I then expanded the space and invested a high five-figure sum", says harald beetz. It's been almost eight weeks since the city council's decision, and since then beetz has been waiting – for a decision from the district administration, which has yet to give the go-ahead.

The operator shakes his head. "We find a solution and are still blocked by the neighbors and the women's list. This cannot be." The alternative is to place the vending machines on the open land, for two to three vending machines he does not need a permit for that. "Then we come from a larmeindammung to a larmerhohung." That could not be in the interest of the residents.

Willingness to compromise
These have been measured at night at around 3 a.M.40 o'clock a loudness of up to 75 decibels measured in the vicinity of the pizza vending machine "way too much". The mostly intermittent operation goes on into the morning hours. "We are not against everything", karin reibenweber shows willingness to compromise. "Only you must be able to sleep again. There should be peace between 11 p.M. And 6 a.M."

In her opinion, however, it is not to be expected that harald beetz will respond to this. "I have already tried to talk to him on a neighborly basis, but all I got was that my house was in the wrong place." And further protests from the neighborhood were answered by the fact that the delivery service's fleet of cars closed the public parking lots in kaulangerstrabe on weekends.

Karin reibenweber presents a series of pictures, which eckhard bayer looks at with a shake of his head. He is the owner of several buildings in the vicinity of the pizza service and is also annoyed by the situation. "Anyone who has been unable to sleep at night knows how it feels the next day. But here it is like this every night. And that noise makes you sick is well known to everyone." In the meantime, the residents have simply reached the limit of their endurance.

The vending machines don't make noise, but the customers do
Bayer believes that the planned relocation of the vending machine operation to the neighboring building will bring about a dramatic improvement. "It's not the vending machines that make the noise", he emphasizes. "It is the customers who slam the car doors, they are the ones who defecate on the garden fence, not some automaton."

Harald beetz says that he himself does not want to have vandals and rioters. That's why he wants to use a security service for the first four weeks that the vending machine snack bar is in operation. "In addition, for at least three months, one person will be on site from 11 p.M. To 5 a.M. To supervise the vending machines and collect any nighttime alarms that may occur", according to beetz. Between 5 and 6 o'clock the doors are then closed for cleaning. "We didn't have to do that, there is no closing time for vending machines", emphasizes beetz. And until 11 p.M. There is always someone at the pizza service anyway, so they have an eye on the machines until then, too. In addition, the room with the vending machines is under video surveillance and a house rule with 13 points points points out, among other things, that it is forbidden inside and outside the building to behave loudly or shouting. It is requested to preserve the night peace of the surrounding neighbors. And anyone who seriously violates the house rules is banned from the building.

What makes eckhard bayer grumble, however, is the praise from some local politicians for the entrepreneur's behavior and the free pass he believes has been issued for the permanent expansion of business operations in the mixed commercial area. Bayer winces at this designation, since he estimates that 80 percent of the buildings in this area are used as apartments. The other traders closed their businesses at 6 p.M., so that there was actually peace and quiet then.

You can't sleep anymore
Johannes and christine ruppert experience the situation in kaulangerstrabe similarly. You have an apartment there that you use regularly. "In our kronach apartment, you can't sleep anymore", inform them by e-mail. "In our apartment in the middle of downtown dusseldorf, it is much quieter than in kaulangerstrabe, despite three bars and a typical kiosk there with opening hours until 10 p.M. We would like to see decisive action by the authorities in kronach to protect the night's rest and the residents."

Ingrid steinhauber also sounds the same horn when she demands: "when small children wake up several times during the night, when employees have to drag themselves to work in the morning, then the authorities' duty of care is required!" It is now up to the district administration to make a final assessment. " I really hope", so ingrid steinhauber "that at the highest level of the district council, a decision is not made for the umpteenth time, as the women's list has already had to experience."
Harald beetz comments: "if it were up to the women's list, we would turn kronach into a museum and close the city at 8 p.M."."

If he does not get the permit, he will have to rebuild his room, put the machines back out in the open for the time being and think about relocating his business.

The course of the proceedings
A decision is expected in the third week of the calendar year. The building committee met on 15. November unanimously voted in favor of the vending machine snack bar. The district office grants the building permit. As a rule, one follows the decision of the building committee.

Stefan schneider, spokesman for the district administration office in kronach, explains that the case is an ongoing one. Currently, the assessment of building protection and emission law factors is still in progress. In the coming week, these examinations will be completed and a decision will probably be announced in the third week of the calendar as to whether the vending machine snack bar may be operated or not. "We believe that this is a mixed-use area – there is also a main road – and that other conditions apply than in a purely residential area", says schneider. "Of course, there is one or the other neighbor who sees the quality of living thereby reduced and in the case of a positive decision for the vending machine snack wants to complain about it", schneider describes the situation.

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