Erhard reub for the 45th time. For the first time on the pilgrimage to maria ehrenberg

Praying and singing – musically accompanied by the music band breitenbach – the pilgrims went on their way in the early morning already at 4 a.M.45 o’clock. Carried by a wide variety of meditation texts, prayers and songs, walking could once again be experienced as a spiritual event.

A tough challenge

Via bad bruckenau and volkers we went to speicherz, and after a rest we climbed maria ehrenberg via the baroque staircase, which was a sweat-inducing challenge in the high summer temperatures. Here was honored at 10.30 p.M. The pilgrimage service is celebrated together with many other believers from the home communities.


As this year marks the 45th. At the end of the solemn service, special thanks and congratulations were extended to erhard reub, who as one of the initiators of the pilgrimage had already celebrated his 45th birthday. Times participated uninterruptedly. Pilgrimage leader claudia straub presented him with a small gift to strengthen him in body and soul, and wished that erhard reub would take part in the pilgrimage many more times. Hannelore sauer from breitenbach and hannelore reh from schonderling were honored for 25-time participation.

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