French wine queen is not in the finals

French wine queen is not in the finals

Hermann schmitt couldn't understand the world anymore, thomas braun looked sadly into the round and melanie dietrich's tears were flowing. The french wine queen did not make it to the finals. The day in neustadt an der weinstrabe had begun so cheerfully.

Shortly after 3 p.M., 60 expectant franconians got off the bus with the likeness of the french wine queen. The fans had come up with a lot more than just the lettering on the fan bus: they waved french flags with melanie's picture on them, and her korbball colleagues had an oversized poster with a wine glass, a crown, and the words "melli" made. On the steps in front of the saalbau, the group sang the franconian song and appeared confident. "If everything went well, it had to be in the top six", said godmother anita kraus. Four hours later it became clear: it was not enough.

Full concentration before the performance

Melanie made herself scarce right before the preliminary round, in which the best six from a total of 13 german winegrowing regions are selected for the finals. She wanted to concentrate fully on her performance. The draw had determined in advance that she had to go on stage in tenth place. But the appearance was delayed. The recording of the sudwest television took longer than expected, a broken camera caused a further delay. The lonely wait behind the stage has not made her nervous. "I had a good feeling and was able to concentrate fully on my performance." When it finally came to the line, everything went as planned.

Moderator holger wienpahl asked her about her physics studies and her hobby, playing hoop ball. The 21-year-old answered beaming and confidently. "It started well, I wasn't nervous at all", she later recalled. Also the technical questions – what effect does the wine glass have on the enjoyment of wine?? What effect does the degree of ripeness of the grapes have on the quality of the wine?? – she mastered.

At the third question – melanie had to explain in english the merits of the grauburgunder – the answer was a bit long, as also the chairman of the fahrer winegrowers association, thomas braun, said. And melanie later admitted: "at that moment, I was getting a little nervous." Nevertheless: her performance convinced the fans from her home town of fahr uber uberzeugt. "She did a great job overall", thomas braun praised during the short break in which the votes of the 70 jurors were counted. "I see you among the first four", the managing director of the french winegrowers association, hermann schmitt, announced full of euphoria. Braun was more cautious: "the competition wasn't bad either. It's getting tight."

High level

In fact, almost all the candidates from the 13 german winegrowing regions were convincing. "The field is moving ever closer together", commented the managing director of the german wine institute, monika reule. After the votes were counted, there was no place left for melanie dietrich in the field of six finalists who will compete for the office of german wine queen next saturday at the same location.

"I'm relieved it's over, it wasn't meant to be", she commented on the decision immediately after the announcement, still on the stage. "It was still fun." Half an hour later, after many hugs and short talks with her family and friends, she confessed: "i am disappointed, especially when everyone confirms that i did a good job."

All too long will not preserve the de-swap. Until the 12. In march 2013, she will make dozens of appearances as french wine queen, and she will return to neustadt an der weinstrabe next saturday: not on the stage, but she will have a say in the election of the new german wine queen. Then as a member of the jury.

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