Frensdorf receives family adebar

Frensdorf receives family adebar

Housing is in great demand everywhere. Not only in cities like munich or bamberg. In frensdorf, the attractive residential community in the vicinity of bamberg, a young couple is also on the lookout who seem determined to start a family: in addition to the "long-established" residents, they are also looking for a new home, the former gasthof pickel is home to two more storks that have recently been looking for a home.

Currently "building the neuburgers on the roof of the frensdorf town hall at a new domicile. Right next to the siren, what a "home sweet home" in the event of an alarm, this is certainly not a good idea. Last year they had chosen the inn of the farmer’s museum for their nest. There they had simply "wild and without any permission a chimney is covered with fittings. Which of course is not so easy, at least if the chimney is used for a stove. Ergo, this was done in "homework nest built by the family adebar removed. Neighbors, who are very concerned about the storks, are of the opinion, however, that a permit would have been necessary for the removal. In addition, according to information from the state association for bird protection had to be immediately provided for a replacement.

But the storks can’t stay at the frensdorf town hall either, according to mayor jakobus kotzner. From the county, as the owner of the museum, was therefore a "rack", thus a substructure for a stork’s nest, in order given. It is to be mounted on the roof of the museum inn.

Mayor is concerned

It was made by thomas stahl from burgebrach. It is already as good as finished, he explains when asked. However, a fire department ladder is required for the installation and is currently difficult to obtain. The fire departments were allowed to drive because of the crisis at the moment only missions. Now mayor kotzner, who is also chairman of the farmers’ museum association, wants to see to it that the problem is solved as quickly as possible.

After all, frensdorf has been a stork community for a long time. Last but not least, the fountain on the market square gives information about this. Master adebar has also found a home on the monastery building in schlusselau. As well as in the whole valley of the rich ebrach. Starting with schlusselau in the east, storks can be found in sambach, steppach and several on the heinershof in stolzenroth.

Further west there are storks in muhlhausen, wachenroth, schlusselfeld and now also in aschbach. In aschbach, it seemed particularly urgent, which is why stahl has already erected a nest base on a free-standing mast there. He is sure, however, that the stork home in frensdorf will be finished in time, so that mr. And mrs. Stork can successfully found their family this year.

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