Glass jug sets the tone on the kreuzberg

Glass jug sets the tone on the kreuzberg

"Kreuz und krug", this saying condenses the essence of the kreuzberg like no other. A place for spiritual contemplation and a venue for beer-fueled conviviality at the same time.

Whoever thinks of the kloster kreuzberg and thus frankens highest point, thinks a suffiges,

Dark shimmering klosterbier inevitably with. And with it also the sound, if two or more tonkruge to the sociable "prost!" Bumped into each other.

Alone, since the beginning of the year, the bumping of the kruge sounds different. Because the glass jug has found its way into the kreuzberg monastery. The first glass jugs were handed out for the advent market. And because everything that happens at the holy mountain of the french immediately moves the french mind, the jug topic provides for some talking material.

Time factor for short visitors

Angelika somaruga is the economic director of the monastery operations and responsible for the new drinking experience. "There are two reasons for the change in the dispensing system. One is the EU legislation, the other is a time factor for many short visitors to our monastery", somaruga explains.

The main argument was that of saving time. "I was in the summer myself often at the bar stood. And i noticed that about half the people in the queue just wanted to return their beer mug", says somaruga. As is well known, there is no division into serving and jug-pressing at kreuzberg. "Unfortunately, this is also not possible due to the local situation", the managing director explains.

Simply turn off

In addition, there are an increasing number of travel groups that come to the kreuzberg by bus, but spend little time at the monastery. "We wanted to give them a chance to buy their beer and food without having to spend a lot of time returning it", somaruga continues. Because unlike the clay jug, which has a deposit of five euros, the glass jug does not have a deposit. "Customers are just told to put their used glasses in the dish carts.

So if you're in a hurry, you can save yourself the queue for the return if you choose the glass jug. "But of course we also have clay jugs that we pour into on request and for which a deposit is then charged", emphasizes angelika somaruga.

The tonkruge are actually not so gladly seen with some overzealous officials. In fact, there is an EU directive with the meaningless title "2004/22 EC" more exactly with the bavarian steinkrugen, under expert circles as "keferloher known. Since clay jugs cool excellently and retain carbonic acid better than other materials, but are unfortunately opaque, the calibration line cannot be recognized in a beer with a tasty foamy top.


That's why on the bottom of such jugs should be written the warning "not suitable for foaming drinks" emblazon. Because a clay jug is a measuring device for the EU."And in fact we also have guests who look very carefully and even wait until the calibration mark is visible", says somaruga. She can calmly smile at the rumors that thousands of glass jars have been lost to the monastery because now there is no deposit to pay. "Naturally one or the other glass is taken along. But at some point, everyone will have their own copy, and they certainly won't increase in value", somaruga remains calm.

Glass losses calculated

In the end, the loss of glass has already been calculated and can be offset against the one or two more mugs of monastery beer that go over the counter because the guests no longer have to wait in line and have time for another monastery beer. This argument could even convince the die-hards among the friends of the clay jug.

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