Heinersreuther strabe: finally free traffic again

One of the steepest hills in the mainleus district (15 percent gradient) leads to heinersreuth. The access road to the mainleus district was no longer in good condition, however. For almost a year the road, which also passes the outdoor swimming pool, was renewed. Wednesday evening was the official inauguration.

And then the people of heinersreuth had the last word: gerhard partenfelder did not miss the opportunity to briefly review the construction phase for the villagers. And he made it really short: "i have to praise the construction workers, everything went harmoniously. I wish everyone an accident-free journey", said the 66-year-old, who has spent his entire life in the village and celebrated the completion of the project with the local community over beer and fried sausages.

Previously, the officials had taken stock. "The burghers get a beautiful new street", emphasized mayor robert bosch (CSU). On 18. June last year the work had begun, in the next week the last remaining work will be done.

The mayor pointed out many improvements: "the safety for cyclists and pedestrians has increased because the area in front of the outdoor pool has been traffic-calmed down"." A traffic light there also makes it possible to cross the new street safely. 160 bicycle parking spaces have been created. The area around the junction with the circular road has also been redesigned, and the passageways have been made handicapped accessible. In addition, there are bluhflachen.

According to bosch, a completely new building was deliberately undertaken. "It was properly invested in order to save for the next decades, because no repairs are necessary." Bosch thanked not only the companies and engineering firms involved for their commitment, but also frank wiesel, head of the construction engineering department in the municipality, and the landowners who had made land available for the project.

And he drew attention to another striking detail: "the white lines on the road literally shine up the mountain."

The new road is 1.3 kilometers long and cost 2.3 million euros. 250 000 euros paid by the county for the area of the junction with the county road. Money well deposited according to deputy district administrator dieter schaar (). He praised the burghers who had shown patience for a year. "But now all the defects have disappeared."

The high claim – a total of 1.265 million euros – was pointed out by construction director hans-peter jander of the government of upper franconia. "We have fully excavated the fullhorn."

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