How weitramsdorf supports its associations

Associations registered in the appropriate register and recognized as non-profit with seat in the municipality will continue to be required in weitramsdorf with an annual subsidy. This is what the council decided in its meeting on monday. Before the decision was made, however, manager heiko reub presented a new version of the guidelines for the 1. January 2002. This was suggested by the audit committee.

For 18 of the 21 associations listed therein, this subsidy now amounts to 150 euros automatically, i.E. Without prior application. The three sports clubs SV tambach, SV weidach and TSV weitramsdorf receive 180 euros per year. Only non-listed clubs still have to pay until 30. Submit an application in september 2020. The subsidy will be paid out by 15. October. In addition, the above-mentioned local associations can apply for an investment grant: ten percent of the eligible costs are granted, provided that the investment amounts to at least 1000 euros and the amount requested does not exceed 500 euros per association and year. The responsible committee decides on any amount exceeding 5,000 euros. All requests must be made before the start of the inspection, including an estimate of the costs. Payment is made after completion and presentation of the invoice. The voluntary fire departments are excluded from both types of subsidies. The sports clubs receive a lump-sum payment of 0.20 euros per member unit for their operations. The corresponding decision of the district office coburg is to be submitted to the administration. In addition, the above-mentioned local associations are entitled to a jubilee subsidy, which is graded according to the type of jubilee (from 150 euros for 25 years to 250 from 125 years). For the maintenance of the hiking trails, the SV tambach receives an annual grant of 500 euros. The new version was unanimously approved by the committee.

The third mayor, michael radlein, who chaired the meeting, had another piece of good news: the state is contributing a good 17,000 euros to the more than 19,000-euro fiber-optic connection for the hermann grosch elementary school. Only 1912 euros must be paid by the municipality as its own contribution. 

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