Kulmbach has a new rescue station

Kulmbach has a new rescue station

Bavaria-wide, 6,300 rescue service employees at 350 locations are on duty 365 days a year about 1.9 million times for people who need help. In the district of kulmbach, the total number of deployments is between 13,000 and 15,000 per year.

"The previous rescue station in kulmbach had reached the limits of its capacity, so a decision had to be made", said district administrator klaus peter sollner at the official handover of the new ambulance station at the clinic.

Construction time adhered to

In may 2016, the decision was made to build a new building measuring just under 880 square meters, and construction began in the fall of 2017. "The construction period was planned to last ten months, and the companies involved were able to keep to this time frame."

Mayor henry schramm paid tribute to the workers who had been working in persistently high temperatures.

Two million euros have gone into the construction of the new rescue station, a good investment for the hospital association and the BRK district association, especially since a large proportion of the companies involved came from the kulmbach region. "After all, what we can afford socially has to be earned", the mayor said. The hospital, with brigitte angermann at the helm, was a reliable partner, and people were confident "that they would get help when they called.

"You are there when you are needed," says

The proximity to the hospital creates trust and security, and security is a piece of quality of life. "And I have to say to you rescue workers: you are there when you are needed, and you provide a professional service that couldn't be any better."

Many guests of honor attended, including thomas stadler from the BRK regional office in munich. He was pleased about the sign, which set the zweckverband with the investment.

Best working conditions

"Providing good working conditions for employees is of great value", he said. When you come back from stressful missions, you need a place to process your impressions. However, the population could also contribute to reducing the burden on the emergency services. "I ask everyone to call the emergency services only when they really need help", he said, referring to the fact that 60 to 70 percent of the missions were carried out by a general practitioner. "This cannot go well in the long run."

The architectural firm H 2 M from kulmbach was entrusted with the planning of the new rescue station. Architect johannes muller and professor stephan haublein symbolically handed over a rough wooden key. "It was a smooth cooperation, a work of short ways", praised muller.

The two deans hans roppelt and thomas kretschmar placed the rescue station under god's blessing. "With all human help, god's help must be there as well."

Thomas schimmel and oliver porner provided the musical backdrop for the inauguration ceremony with jazzy rhythms.



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