Kulmbacher langfinger’s own impatience becomes a hindrance

kulmbacher langfinger's own impatience becomes a hindrance

His impatience finally became a hangman’s trade for a thief from kulmbach.

A 52-year-old woman from kulmbach came to the office of the kulmbach police department on friday evening and filed a report for theft. The woman stated that she had ordered several items of clothing from a reputable mail order company. The package should be delivered to your home address at the galgenberg in kulmbach.

Package deposited in the hallway

As the customer was not at home at the time of delivery, a neighbor took the goods and placed them in the hallway of the apartment building as agreed. A short time later, the package could no longer be found, so the woman filed a complaint.

The victim then informed the police the next day that she had noticed on a well-known internet sales portal that almost identical items were being offered by a private seller in kulmbach. In the course of the subsequent investigation, suspicions arose against a 34-year-old man from kulmbach, who does not live in the crime scene, but who goes in and out of the house.

Apartment searched

When the police finally searched the suspect’s apartment by order of the court, all of the stolen goods came to light. On the one hand, all the stolen clothes could be found in their original packaging, and on the other hand, the brazen thief even wore a stolen t-shirt in his own body. The 34-year-old now has to answer to the courts for theft.Pole

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