Left-wing leader: we are ready to go into a federal government

Left-wing leader: we are ready to go into a federal government

According to its chairwoman, katja kipping, the left-wing party is aiming for government participation after the next federal election.

"In order to implement the necessary socio-ecological changes, we are prepared to go into a federal government. For this we need social majorities to the left of the union," she told the funke mediengruppe. "We must become in the bundestag election in the coming year in any case double digit. Then many things are possible."The federal election is about "deciding the direction of the country," kipping emphasized. In polls, the party is currently between seven and nine percent. Parliamentary group leader dietmar bartsch told the newspapers: "we want to form majorities beyond the union, for a just republic and to set a clear sign in europe against the worldwide right-wing pressure."An alliance with the union, on the other hand, was ruled out by the left-wing party.

Whether she will stand for re-election at the party conference in november is an open question for kipping. "We have agreed on a clear timetable. I will announce my decision only two months before the party congress."However, the decision had already been made in the spring.

Kipping called for thousands of new positions in old people’s and nursing homes to facilitate visits by relatives during the corona pandemic. "We should set up a federal program for so-called visitation guides," she said. "In each of the approximately 12,000 old people’s and nursing homes in germany, at least one position for visiting pilots should be created."The nurses lack the time to organize meetings with the residents according to the rules of infection control. Kipping wants to fill the positions with unemployed people from industries particularly affected by the pandemic.

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