Love at first sight for hochstadt couple

Love at first sight for Hochstadt couple

Theresa schiffl more than 60 years ago anna and hermann fauth saw each other for the first time at a dance event and celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary yesterday. When asked if it was love at first sight, the old lady answers "yes" as if shot from a pistol.

Lived in erlangen for a long time

The couple are from erlangen and have lived there for a long time. Here, a large garden belonged to their house, in which they grew vegetables such as lettuce, says hermann fauth. At the time, he worked for the public utility company, his wife at the eye clinic.

Together the couple has a son and a daughter. In the meantime, the seniors have four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The youngest of them is anton with 17 months, who is already busy at the congratulation party. A granddaughter came to congratulate him and also brought a small gift. From a card adorned with many hearts, herrmann fauth reads his wife’s congratulations: "you have been together for so long and are therefore a good example for us."

The 83-year-old and the 81-year-old have lived in hochstadt for seven years. "We like it here very much. I am still good to fub and can still do small jobs myself", says hermann fauth and seems to be very satisfied.

Loving care

The apartment is very handicapped accessible because it is located directly on the first floor. When the sun shines, his wife can drink her cup of coffee on the terrace. "We have already found a good place", fauth continues. His wife is now confined to a wheelchair. Her husband helps her where he can, the senior explains. His wife anna also appreciates this: "he is a good man and takes care of everything." His wife would do the same if he were no longer so fit, says hermann fauth. "40 years ago I was seriously ill. My wife has also visited me at that time and took care of everything."

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