New building for kindergarten decided

New building for kindergarten decided

The new kindergarten in huttenheim is to move into a new building there after the demolition of the current school building. At monday’s council meeting, architect thomas buchholz explained how the future daycare center with its own functional building will look in the future as a kind of village community center. As mayor ingrid reifenscheid-eckert explained, there should be a clear separation between the three components of the kindergarten, the municipal archives and the public area.

Thomas buchholz suggested an L-shape for the new building in order to have a protected area. A foyer with the main entrance will connect the two building parts. A meeting room for the kindergarten staff was needed, but not required. With a floor area of 437 square meters and a usable area of 350 square meters, the architect roughly estimated the costs at 1.5 million euro with a possible cost of one million euro. In the other part of the building, the archives and rooms for the use of citizens, institutions and associations are planned. With a usable area of 406 square meters, buchholz predicted construction costs of 1.2 million euro, whether and how much subsidy remained absolutely open.

No industrial style

Regarding the shape of the roof, the architect spoke against a flat pitched gable roof, because otherwise the building would have the character of an industrial building. From the council round several arguments came for a flat pent roof and kindergarten director katja kahl could also agree with it, because this roof form brings a higher room height with it. The planner advised the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof to generate its own electricity.

The architect drew attention to the fact that by the end of september a finished planning with input planning must be present, in order to arrive into the ELER requirement program. The council approved the first design and now the administration and the municipality have the task of approaching the clients. Since it is urgent, the council will not take a summer break and will meet as early as the 14th of december. August meet again.

Other topics in the council

The mayor informed about the progress of the reconstruction and extension of the willanzheim school. At the september meeting of the municipal council, further trades will be awarded. A supplementary offer was received from the rank construction company because the work on the old building was more extensive. Including other things, the additional costs now amounted to over 18,000 euros.

The council had looked at the rake of the clear plant before the meeting. The storage of the rake is in need of repair, which should be initiated by a specialist.

The archivist of the intercommunal alliance sudost 7/22 has informed the municipality that new folders for the archive are to be purchased, because the previous folders are acidic and therefore no longer recommended.

The burgerbus is currently not used more than in the previous year. Therefore, the council decided to discontinue the service of the burgerbus in september due to insufficient response.

The sports club willanzheim had realized the rough project of the new construction of a functional building with winter garden. With the present final account, the sports club now receives another 2072 euros from the municipality. The club had spent 185 000 euro and the municipality contributed 40 percent of the cost of materials, which in the end amounted to a grant of 65 000 euro.

The council agreed – like some other colleagues in the other member municipalities of the sudost alliance 7/22 – to the final version of the core road network. This clears the way for the future development of core roads to be subsidized by the office for rural development.

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