Peace and quiet soon to come to an end in geesdorf?

Peace and quiet soon to come to an end in geesdorf?

It has been unusually quiet for months in the wiesentheid suburb of geesdorf. This is because the bridge with the road in the direction of wiesentheid is still closed to through traffic due to construction work. However, the peace and quiet may be over as of july, looked ahead wiesentheid’s mayor werner knaier at the burgers’ meeting.

Then the repairs to the bridge over the B286 should be completed. The whole thing is taking much longer than expected, because more damage to the spans and the concrete has come to light than had been suspected, said knaier. With cold the construction company could not repair it, the work went on now, so knaier. He pointed out that the expansion of the highway in the next few years will probably come a lot to the village. The state road with the detour route runs through the village.

Roads will be badly damaged

The burghers complained in the meeting that the paths were badly damaged as a result. While the bridge is being repaired, the canal from the entrance to the village to the junction to prichsenstadt is to be renovated, hopes mayor knaier. That would offer itself in the course.

At the moment, many motorists are using the slow lanes through the countryside instead of the road, such as the cycle path and farm track to wiesentheid. They then had to be restored, he said.

At the meeting in the 380-inhabitant part of the municipality, mayor knaier addressed the current issues in geesdorf. The necessary expansion of the fire station continues to cause problems. The municipality wants to acquire some land directly next to the building on the sports field, but so far no agreement has been reached with the owner, according to knaier. "As soon as we have a plot of land, we’ll start," he said.

Heated discussion on the subject of flood protection

Some of the citizens wanted the municipality to create more land for building sites. The area in the direction of wiesentheid, which was shot only three years ago, is almost occupied. The mayor agreed that the municipality would discuss the purchase of additional arable land adjacent to the site.

The meeting only got heated when knaier touched on the subject of flood protection and the maintenance and expansion of ditches. Because of nature conservation, only one side of the ditches was mulched at a time, he explained. "Last year you didn’t even mulch one side! There runs no single drainage, you find the trenches partially not at all. Why don’t you go out and have a look at it," josef spath grumbled.

Josef rost also had some criticism to make on this subject. Burgermeister knaier tried to explain, but acknowledged the need to catch up in maintenance.

Later egon batz asked about his building application to build a hall adjoining his flats. The land is in the aubenbereich, only with a privilege one may build there, answered the head of the village. Local councillor thorsten ott spoke out against the hall, arguing that a housing estate was directly adjacent to it.

In addition, the 25 or so geesdorf residents present raised other minor concerns, which mayor knaier tried to answer.

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