Preschoolers fit to go to school

preschoolers fit to go to school

"How to behave properly on the way to school?" When tobias kern from the ebern police station, dressed in his police uniform, addressed the preschool children from the kindergarten "pfiffikus in pfarrweisach and answered their questions about safety, the children were thrilled.
The morning was all about the rules of the road, what children need to watch out for and how to behave properly. For a change, the traffic education was not only theoretical, but also connected with practical exercises, which increased the enthusiasm of the children. Together, they discussed the options for getting to school. It was important to speak up and not to interrupt, as is required at school.
One of the options was to take a bus to school. There are important behaviors that must be observed to avoid endangering oneself and others: for example, line up school bags, do not push when getting on/off the bus, do not walk or stand up on the bus before it stops, and more.
"My mom drives me to school. What to look for? How to behave properly?" With questioning looks and thoughtful faces, the children eagerly pondered and found answers to these questions as well: buckle up, get in on the right side. Signs, crossing guards, road helpers and crosswalks were also discussed.

Crossing the street alone

One of the most used ways to get to school is walking. The children were able to practice crossing the street correctly in the gym. With the help of a dot on the left hand, the children were better able to orient themselves. Following traffic educator kern’s advice and the rule "stop, look left, look right and look left again before you cross the street" has been widely praised. Then they went on a real trip. Each child was allowed to cross the road individually with the light help of the policeman. It was important to pay close attention and follow the rules that had been learned just before. Afterwards, each of the preschoolers received a diploma in kindergarten stating that they had now been "police tested" and are fit for the way to school.

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