Roof is finished, new building burns down

roof is finished, new building burns down

No simple mission awaited the approximately 80 firefighters in the night to wednesday, when they at 1.09 o'clock were sent by the control center to falkendorf, municipality of aurachtal. The fire engines, including the turntable ladder, did not leave until around five o'clock, and the volunteer fire department was still on duty in the early morning to carry out follow-up work and to keep a fire watch.

On tuesday, the construction company laid the last tiles on the new building in falkendorf, and the next night the roof structure burned and was largely destroyed. The operation was also difficult because the gallery house has no attic and the roof truss is covered and insulated at the bottom.

Insulation had to be removed

The roof of the house was reached only with the turntable ladder because of the adjacent steep slope. The firefighters used breathing apparatus to fight the fire. It took firefighters several hours of sweaty work to open the roof and remove the smoking insulation material.

In addition to the police and rescue service, the fire departments from falkendorf, hammerbach, munchaurach and a detachment of the herzogenaurach fire department as well as district fire inspector norbert rauch and district fire chief matthias rocca were also on duty. At the start of work on wednesday, the employees of the construction company began, after the first moments of shock, with the clean-up work.

The cause of the damage is not yet clear, the police are investigating. The amount of damage is also still unclear. The night before, the construction workers are said to have been partying there, because the house was actually finished. It is possible that a flex was used on tuesday, because the supports for the collectors were also put in place. But there is no definite information about it yet.

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