Safety training in the school gym

Safety training in the school gym

"Hello, folks, it's me, your adacus!" With these encouraging words the school beginners of the elementary school am monchsturm were buried this time in the sports hall. The funny raven adacus came to the school accompanied by two employees of the ADAC nurnberg, where the hall was transformed into a small training area for traffic safety for one morning.

To get in the mood, the colorful raven sang the song about the correct behavior at crosswalks and traffic lights, and after a short time the children joined in. For "stand, see, walk you've played many times, but never in such an entertaining way.

These rules were then also immediately tried out in practice. The schools have been divided into "fubganger and "vehicles. There were normal cars, but also trucks, fire engines and even an ADAC car. Now it went crisscross over the crosswalk, sometimes with traffic signs, sometimes with real traffic lights. After repeated changes of the groups, a smooth and safe crossing of the street was quickly achieved. The fubgangers stood attentively at the crosswalk, gave hand signals, kept eye contact with the drivers and crossed the street with a draft, but without running. The drivers stopped, returned the eye contact and drove on only after the road was clear again. Lesson learned is lesson learned.

At the end there was a certificate and a sticker for each student as a reminder of adacus. And so that everyone remembers the singing raven and his important traffic rules in the future, the teachers were given a CD with the new hit "bei rot bleib ich steh'n, bei grun kann ich geh'n" (I stay in red, I can walk in green) handed over. For sure the song will ring through the schoolhouse for some time to come. 

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