Stadtsteinach carnival society invited to the rough summer party

Stadtsteinach carnival society invited to the rough summer party

Normally, the carnival society of stadtsteinach invites people to the big summer party as early as whitsun. This year the FG had postponed the festival, and the summer showed its best side. The sun laughed – and many people from stadtsteinach came to celebrate together in the ziegelhutte.

A fire department bouncy castle was set up for the children. Many little artists had their fun painting gym bags. But also the goal wall push and the pushes with the fire department went down well. But the biggest crowd was at the make-up team. "From the very first minute, we had long queues", said waltraud kellermann, who transformed the little ones into colorful fantasy figures.

Raffle with great prizes

The adult visitors, meanwhile, took advantage of the opportunity to drink coffee or simply to spend a pleasant sunday afternoon. And of course there was a raffle with great prizes again this year. The carnival society had a special surprise in store for the kindergarten in stadtsteinach. Because the FG was for the "ice bucket challenge" nominated – and donated 50 euros to the kindergarten. The prince and princess added the same amount for the nativity scene.

Normally you have to pay the money if you don't want to take part in the video competition, but of course the FG will take part in the challenge, promised president andy sesselmann.

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