Suspicious bag paralyzed essen main station

Suspicious bag paralyzed essen main station

Beforehand, a passerby had discovered the abandoned packing bag on a train platform and reported it to the police.

After hours of anxiety, however, it was clear that the contents of the green sports bag were harmless. Among other things, the bag contained clothes, scissors and plastic pens, according to a spokeswoman for the essen police on thursday night.

Federal police spokesman volker stall said they found the bag at shortly after 20.30 o’clock with a water rifle shot up. "This is analogous to how it was in bonn," said stall. A suspicious bag was also found at the main train station in bonn on monday, but its contents turned out to be a dangerous explosive device. The police is searching for two suspects in this case.

The essen police are now looking for the owner of the bag. He could be charged with pretending to have committed a crime, a spokeswoman said. Tracks four to six had remained closed until late evening.

Essen’s main train station is located on the important rail route from hanover via the ruhr region to the rhineland. In the late evening the connection was reopened. After the discovery of the bag, the trains had been diverted via gelsenkirchen. In some cases there were considerable delays, said a spokesman for the railroad company.

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