The traffic lights on the b 286 are still not in place

The traffic lights on the b 286 are still not in place

The first section of the newly created link road from the B 286 to wiesentheid and abtswind has now been inaugurated. However, vehicles are not yet allowed to drive on the section, which serves as a further exit for the expressway: the fine markings are still missing at the intersection, as are the signal loops that will control the future traffic lights there.

Without this the crossing together with the road may not be opened for traffic, it was said. The highly sensitive loops are expected to be installed by the beginning of january, according to frank braun from the engineering office responsible for the project.

New relief road

For this the trenches are finished, which drove from wiesentheid into the new industrial area mahling, up to the new crossing. The second section runs on the opposite side, from the B 286 to the district road from wiesentheid to abtswind. A total of 1.3 kilometers of new roads were built. They are primarily intended to serve as relief roads for wiesentheid, as the officials emphasized in their speeches. All in all, a rough solution with the integration of the freeway slip road near rudenhausen unfortunately did not come about. Now the decision was made for this variant, said state secretary gerhard eck.

The cost was 2.74 million euros, with 1.4 million euros as a claim from the state remained. The secretary of state emphasized that the direct connection of the commercial area to the B 286 improved the conditions for abtswind and wiesentheid. He praised the cooperation between the two municipalities in this matter.

Wiesentheid’s mayor werner knaier and construction director michael fuchs from the tram construction office pointed out the traffic relief that this route would bring and from which the citizens would benefit.

Cooperation praised

"The amount of traffic that rolls through here is something you really notice now," marveled district administrator tamara bischof during the ceremony. The traffic situation in their district is an important reason why the economy is booming there. It is right and important that municipalities and the state spend money together in order to create relief.

State parliament member otto hunnerkopf and abtswind’s mayor jurgen schulz emphasized the good cooperation between the two communities involved. On the abtswinder side, a commercial area could be created on the link road "in the distant future", according to schultz.

The protestant pastor beate kramer and her catholic colleague peter gottke blessed the new tramway stub along with the intersection.

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