Threatens us a summer with record heat?

Threatens us a summer with record heat?

The world weather organization (WMO) warns of a record-breaking summer of heat in the northern hemisphere. Already in the early months of the year everything indicates that 2020 will be one of the hottest years since the beginning of measurements.

Cities and communities had to prepare now to protect people – even if the coronavirus pandemic made this more complicated, said WMO spokeswoman clare nullis in geneva.

In other years, he said, people in overheated homes have been advised, for example, to go to cooled shopping malls. Neighbors were ordered to make regular visits to those who live alone and may be at risk of harm. Many corona advisories, such as the one to stay home if possible, now spoke against it. In addition, hospitalists could be less prepared to treat patients with heat stroke because they have to treat corona patients.

The WMO, together with the world health organization (WHO) and other partners, offers an information package of ideas online. Good examples from many countries are presented in it.

Among other things, it highlights a brochure from the federal environment agency that recommends, among other things, wearing a wide-brimmed hat when outdoors in the heat, drinking enough, running cool water over your wrists, putting damp compresses on your forehead or neck, rubbing french brandy on your feet and back, and turning off electrical appliances and artificial lighting as a source of heat more often.

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