Tv ladies end season with clear results

Tv ladies end season with clear results

The young team from ebern was able to improve a lot in the course of the season and reached a score of 20:12 and 33:23 sets. This time, the teams made up for the november match at TSG niederfullbach.

TV ebern had little trouble in inflicting a 3-0 defeat on the team that was last in the table at the time. Especially in the first two rounds, the hosts did not stand a chance at 15:25 and 14:25. Their point wins were almost exclusively the result of mistakes made by the TV team. In the feeling of the playful superiority the ladies around play leader dorothee barth love in run three the tails drag, won however after verlangerung with 28:26.

The sluggishness returns

A copy of the first meeting was subsequently the game against vfb einberg II. Once again, an average performance was enough for the ladies from ebern to win this match as well. They put the einbergers under pressure right from the start. Their points in the first two set wins of 25:17 and 25:18 resulted from missed balls or service errors by the visiting ladies. Against the vfb, too, a certain sluggishness returned in the third set, but this time, too, the TVE, which was coached by dorothee barth and sophia betz on this day, won 28:26.

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