Weibenohe: saving energy is not just a community task

A look at igensdorf’s roofs shows: there is still plenty of space available. Space to install photovoltaic systems. "The energy concept also affects the private sector", said mayor wolfgang rast, before ralf deuerling from the company energievision franken gmbh presented the results of the study on the topic of energy saving to the town council.

Since the municipalities of the energy region franconian switzerland – igensdorf, grafenberg, weibenohe and hiltpoltstein – wanted to set a good example in energy saving, they sought advice. All energy saving potentials in the municipal area were closely scrutinized. Igensdorf has already implemented a lot. The roofs of the municipal buildings are equipped with PV. A PV system is also being considered for the elementary school when it is renovated.

There is still room for improvement in the private sector. One of the possibilities could be that homeowners who did not want to install a PV system themselves would rent out their roofs to interested parties, rast said when asked.

In addition to solar power, water could also be used to generate energy. For the market community, this is less of an option.

Danger in the airspace

The use of wind energy will be just as difficult because of the flight path of the nurnberg airport. Igensdorf is located in a protected area, and in order to ensure air safety, wind turbines are not allowed, at least not in the required coarseness. These reservations have been made again now.

There is also a seismological station in grafenberg. And also it could be affected by the windmills.

The biogas plants remain. Some are present. But what happens to the systems when the deadline expires will probably depend on the requirements that apply at that time.

What the community itself can still do to save energy concerns the light. The conversion of the street lighting to LED brings energy savings. Even if it doesn’t happen in one go, the municipality has been budgeting 20000 euros for years to invest in LED, as mayor rast explained.

The experts from the energy network, of which igensdorf is a member, are investigating whether there are other possibilities for using renewable energies in municipal buildings. In any case, the energy vision still suggested a heating system renovation in the municipal buildings. In the town hall, this is to be done via the municipal investment program (KIP).

Two weeks ago this was already on the table of the municipal council. KIP acceptance also includes sun blinds and electrical installation. That was too expensive for the rates, the topic was postponed.

Mayor wolfgang rast presented a new proposal. The heating renovation should be taken out of the mabnahme. On the one hand, there is a new demand program with which 45 percent subsidy could be achieved. And on the other hand, to buy time to calculate and plan alternative mabnahme.

Sun protection is coming this year

The order for the schlieblich sunshade was slimmed down. "We left out the north side, the basement and the attic", declared rast. This costs 55 600 euro. This order was placed because the mabnahme must be implemented this year due to the requirement.

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